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PublishDate: Sunday, November 28, 2021 10:25

US democracy a broken model that failed to fit Afghanistan: China

The US democracy is not an ideal model but a broken one, and forcing others to follow the US democracy will only make them detour or lead them astray, said China’s foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian on Friday.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary for the President of Russia, said laddt week that Washington is “trying to privatize the term ‘democracy'” and insists that only the democracy which the US believes in is true democracy, Reuters reported.

He added that “prefers to create new dividing lines, to divide countries into those that — in their opinion — are good, and those that are bad”.

In response, Zhao said that Washington’s move of creating those dividing lines is simply distorting democracy.

“Mr. Peskov is right. Creating a dividing line of ‘democracy versus authoritarianism’ will only instigate ideological confrontation, which is completely distortion of and affront to democracy,” said .

Zhao said that the US democracy is not an exemplar model but a broken one, as evidenced by the Capitol riots that debunked the myth of the .

“A latest report by the Pew Research Center showed that the vast majority of American people expressed deep disappointment about their country’s political system. The US so-called ‘beacon of democracy’ has long collapsed,” said Zhao.

He said that the export of the US democracy has also proved a crushing defeat.

“Second, the export of the U.S. democracy is a fiasco. The US democracy failed to fit in Afghanistan, leading to the debacle of US forces’ withdrawal and the loss of more than 100,000 Afghan lives. The so-called ‘’ generated millions of who have been displaced and homeless,” said Zhao.

He said that imposing the US democracy will only make others detour or lead them astray, Reuters reported.


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