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PublishDate: Saturday, November 27, 2021 10:44

Armed Taliban men kill a young physician in the western Herat province

The Taliban security men have killed a young physician in the western Herat province of Afghanistan on Thursday, local sources confirmed.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_ Noori, a 33-year-old physician in Herat city was killed by the Taliban after he did not stop at a police security checkpoint in Herat, the victim’s family members claimed while speaking to local media agencies.

Noori who used to have a small private medical clinic had newly got married, the source said.

The security authorities in have rejected the killing of the victim by the Taliban members saying such an incident has not been recorded with them.

The recent reports indicate an increase in the rate in Afghanistan, however, most of such incidents are not reported by the due to lack of access to information.


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