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PublishDate: Monday, November 22, 2021 10:55

Kabul-Islamabad bus service on the cards

Pakistan and Afghanistan have agreed to launch a bus service between Islamabad-and Kabul, says a senior diplomat.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The neighbours reached the agreement during a recent three-day visit to by a high-level Taliban delegation.

In an interview published in Dawn on Monday, Pakistan’s ambassador to Afghanistan said there was no specific time frame for the start of the bus service.

“But we will try to start it soon. I will start negotiations with Afghan officials for the implementation of the decision,” Mansoor Ahmad Khan was quoted as saying.

He defended Pakistan’s engagement with the Taliban administration on issues of government inclusivity, counter-terrorism and .

About the formal recognition of the Taliban government, the ambassador said it was a completely different from engagement.

“Many countries maintain practical engagement with Afghanistan on key issues and high-level Taliban delegations have paid visits to Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkey and .”

By the same token, he explained, foreign ministers and senior officials of other countries had visited for engagement with the Taliban leadership.
He continued there were problems in Afghanistan and these countries, including its neighbours, were trying to help the Afghans.


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