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PublishDate: Sunday, November 21, 2021 13:12

UAE reopens its embassy in Kabul

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan said that UAE reopened its embassy in Kabul on Saturday, November 20 after almost all embassies closed following the collapse of the previous Afghan government.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_A spokesman of the Taliban Ahmadullah Wasiq said that the reopening of the UAE’s embassy is a step forward for positive changes and added that it will further strengthen bilateral relations.

“Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and already had good relations and this step will further energize the ties.” Reads a Tweeter post of Wasiq.

Earlier, Afghanistan’s acting foreign minister Amir Khan Motaqi had said that Germany will soon reopen its embassy in Kabul.

Motaqi added that and will be other countries that will reopen their respective embassies.

It is worth mentioning that, Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan have already opened their embassies in Kabul.

Though the Taliban have not been recognized yet, the international community is making efforts to engage with them in order to address the deepening humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.


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