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PublishDate: Saturday, November 20, 2021 16:11

Taliban intends to pay three months salaries of government employees

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has announced on Saturday, November 20 that the salaries of the past three months of all government employees will be paid.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_A spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Inamullah confirming the news added that there are still problems in paying the pension that will soon be resolved.

Citing Ministry of Finance, Inamullah Samangani said that the ministry has collected 26 billion and 915 million Afghani in the past nearly three months.

Samangani added that the revenue of the interim government is getting higher day by day.

This will be the most pleasant news since the Taliban takeover that will help millions of people have something to eat.

Afghanistan is going through a deepening humanitarian crisis that needs serious to prevent a potential disaster as the winter season approaches.


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