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PublishDate: Wednesday, November 17, 2021 14:08

Uzbek and Kazakh to Hold Joint Military Maneuvers in Border with Afghanistan

The purpose of the military maneuver is to increase the compatibility and joint action of the two countries' armed forces in carrying out joint military operations.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Uzbekistan military forces are going to hold a joint military maneuver with Kazakhstan forces across borders with Afghanistan, according to outlets reports.

The joint military exercises will be held by the name of “Cooperation-2021” with the presence of Kazakhstan militaries from November 17 to November 24 in the city of Termez, Uzbekistan, according to Uzbek Sputnik news agency.

Uzbek media quoted the Defense Ministry as saying that the purpose of the maneuver is “To increase the compatibility and joint action of the two countries’ armed forces in carrying out joint military operations.” And more than 100 soldiers will take part in the exercises, which will include Su-30SM fighters, S-295 military , and drones.

“Increasing the skills of the Uzbek and Kazakh militaries to repel attacks and eliminate illegal armed groups, the ability to evacuate and strengthen military coordination” is another goal of the exercise,” added, Uzbek Ministry of Defense.

A few months ago, the joint military exercise “Shield-2021” was also held with the presence of Uzbek and Kazakh military forces.

Meanwhile, since the Taliban came to power again, Tajikistan also had held a military exercise at the near border with Afghanistan. The country’s northern neighbors in are concerned about the spread of terrorist groups, particularly ISKP, and have made preparations to prevent them from infiltrating Afghanistan.


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