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PublishDate: Monday, November 15, 2021 15:23

High school girls will go to next grade should schools stay shut this year

Ministry of Education (MoE) officials said Monday that plans to reopen schools for girls from Grade 6 have not yet been finalized.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Dr Arfan, spokesman for the MoE said that girls above Grade 6 will however be promoted a year should the plan not be finalized this year.

“Girls up to class six are going to participate in exams, and the girls that are not attending schools will be upgraded based on their previous exams,” said Arfan.

This comes after of Afghanistan (IEA) officials closed senior schools for girls after they took control in mid-August.

However, they have said they are working on a way to reopen schools for high but within Islamic principles.

The closure of high schools for girls has raised serious concerns among Afghans.

“We can’t accept the upgrade as a principle. We hope that Taliban (IEA) will allow girls to continue their education and higher education as girls do in the other countries,” said Shukria , an activist.

“How can they continue their lessons when they have not participated in school for one year? How will they learn?,” asked Zarqa Yaftali, another activist.

Yama Mujadidi, from , meanwhile said that he has created an online school for Afghan girls in order for them to not miss out on lessons.

“The online lessons are not a platform, but it is a complete school,” said Mujadidi.


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