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PublishDate: Sunday, November 14, 2021 15:45

2 Afghan airlines to operate flights to Islamabad

Pakistan has allowed the Ariana Afghan Airlines (AAA) and Kam Air (KA) to operate flights between Kabul and Islamabad, a media report said on Saturday.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_In line with permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the airlines will operate return flights from Islamabad to Kabul. Ariana has been allowed to run two a week, while can operate five flights.

Samaa TV reported the had allowed the arrival and departure of 1,000 passengers from Afghanistan in a week.

Narrow-body aircraft will be allowed to land only at the International Airport while wide-body Boeing 777 and Airbus 340 will resume operations after an agreement is reached between the two countries.

Afghanistan had sought permission from CAA for flight operations from Kabul, -i-Sharif and Kandahar to , the channel said.

“This permission is, however, subject to the signing of a MoU between Afghanistan and Pakistan. More than 1,500 passengers will benefit from the MoU, if signed.”


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