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PublishDate: Saturday, November 13, 2021 13:47

With Schools Closed, Kandahar Girls do Art at Home

Two Kandahari girls turned their home into a painting and drawing center following the closure of the girls’ educational centers in Kandahar city.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The girls, who are sisters, turned one of the rooms in their house into a painting and drawing center, and from this room they are promoting the art of painting and drawing.
They said they don’t want their last few years' struggles to be forgotten.
The girls urged the Islamic Emirate to reopen for girls.
“I ask the Islamic Emirate to reopen all the educational institutions so that all girls can go and learn their lessons,” said Shugofa Amiri, a painter.
“They have given us 10 to 12 rules which are very strict. They told us that you should not come without Mahram,” said Masoma Amiri, a painter.
The sisters have learned the art of painting and drawing in one of the art centers in Kandahar’s city and are trying to display their products. Now this art center is closed.
Meanwhile, the Department of Information and Culture said that work has begun on providing facilities for the female students.
“There is also a procedure for girls’ education. The centers are allowed to teach them based on the Islamic regulations,” said Abdul Shukur Spand, the and Culture Director of Kandahar.
On the other hand, painters in Kandahar called on the Islamic Emirate to spare no efforts in providing facilities for them.
“A large number of male and female students were coming here in order to learn drawing and painting skills,” said Amanullah , a teacher of fine arts at a center in Kandahar.
In the last three months, most of the girls’ training centers were closed in the capital and other provinces, but in recent weeks some provinces have provided education for girls.


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