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PublishDate: Saturday, November 6, 2021 10:03

Islamic Emirate to Bring Changes to Cabinet

The Islamic Emirate is seeking to bring changes to the formation of the government cabinet, the deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate Bilal Karimi said on Friday.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_ said that efforts are underway to appoint professional officials to the cabinet.  

“The cabinet is still in a process of completion. This cabinet will be completed with experts and talents who represent different aspects of the society--they will be included,” he said.

The citizens urged the Islamic Emirate to form a strong army and include former security force members.  

“Those soldiers who served the country and didn’t betray it should come back and join the national security forces,” said Masbah Zaland, a resident of .  

The has yet to recognize the incumbent government.  

The international community and regional countries have repeatedly called on the officials of the Islamic Emirate to work for the formation an inclusive government in Afghanistan and to uphold .  

The offer various perspective:

“The current government of the Taliban movement is inclusive. This government was made in an emergency and therefore it is in a process of becoming stable from a critical situation,” said Janat Fahim , a political analyst.  

“If there are no elite and professional people in the government, it is still not inclusive,” said Mohammad Isa .  

Regional and world countries called on the Islamic Emirate to form an inclusive government that represents all aspects of society. 


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