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PublishDate: Thursday, October 28, 2021 09:34

30 Cases of Violence Against Afghan Reporters Cited: ANJU

More than 30 cases of violence against journalists were recorded since the Islamic Emirate swept into power, the Afghanistan National Journalists Union said on Wednesday.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Speaking at a news conference in , the head of the union, Masroor Lufti, said that 90 percent of the violence was committed by forces related to the Islamic Emirate. The rest of the cases were committed by unidentified individuals. “The Afghanistan’s National Journalists' Union conducted a general assessment over the journalists’ status for Afghanistan across the country and it shows that over 30 cases of happened,” he added. “Nearly 90 percent of these cases belong to the Taliban.”

The journalists expressed their deepest concern over the ongoing situation of the media in Afghanistan and called on the Islamic Emirate officials to form a way for journalists to deal with the safety issues as well as to provide access to information.  

“One of the main problems that we have is that we don’t have proper access to information. When we go to cover a news event, we face problems,” said Mohammad .  

“My wish is that if we (women) are capable of working, why are women not allowed to work in the government media? They should be allowed,” said Farahnaz, a journalist.  

The spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, Sayed , said that efforts were underway to provide security for the journalists.  

“The Islamic Emirate in some cases arrested the perpetrators,” he said. “Those who humiliated the journalists have been advised.”  

The union earlier said that based on findings, over 70 percent of media organizations in the country have halted their activities after the collapse of the former government due to restrictions to access to information and economic challenges.


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