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PublishDate: Wednesday, October 27, 2021 16:00

ISIS unable to threaten region, Taliban are way stronger: Taliban’s minister

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has assured the region not to be threatened by ISIS-K from their soil and said that their fighters are way stronger and serious when it comes to suppressing the group.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Afghanistan’s acting minister of information and culture Khairullah said that they will eliminate not only -K but any group who wants to insecure the region.

On the other hand, US undersecretary of defense said that they suspect the ability of the Taliban in suppressing ISIS-K and .

Colin Kahl has said that the Taliban have relations with the Al Qaida terror group and that will make it difficult for the former to fight against the group.

“Our intelligence assessment indicates that ISIS and Al Qaida are willing to conduct operations abroad including in the US. The assessments show that ISIS-K will be able to do so in six months while Al Qaida will gain the ability in upcoming 12 or 24 months.” Said Kahl.

The concerns over the appearance of ISIS-K come after the group conducted bloody attacks in Kandahar and Kunduz province that inflicted casualties to Shite worshipers.


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