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PublishDate: Monday, October 25, 2021 16:02

Tens of factories stop functioning in Herat

About one hundred factories have stopped functioning in western Herat province after the fall of the previous government, officials of the provincial Chamber of Industries and Mining (CIM) said on Monday.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_ Head Hameedullah Khadem during an exclusive chat with Pajhwok Afghan News said at the moment 70 to 80 factories were functional while some had decreased their production.

“We want the Islamic Emirate of Taliban to support businessmen. Problems in the Customs Department should be resolved so that the industry could recruit more people,” he said.

He said the factories stopped functioning due to limited banking services, lack of transfer of money, decline in demand and takeover of the Taliban.

He said due to these changes, the in Herat suffered millions of afghanis loss.

He added the closure of factories rendered hundreds of people jobless. He asked the Taliban to facilitate businessmen and provide them with incentives.

Rafai Yousufi, one of the businessmen who has invested more than $6 million in a food processing factory in Herat Industrial Park, said from the past 20 days his factory was not functioning.

“From the past four years, my factory produced food items and nearly 240 people are working here, but now due to the lack of raw material and unfriendly situation, we have to stop working and send our employees on leave.”

, another factory owner in Herat City, said their factory stopped production one month ago due to non-availability of raw material.

“Banks are not allowing us to send money and purchase raw material, our accounts are closed and we cannot withdraw our money,” he said.

He said he has no hope that his factory would resume operation and added he was disappointed.

Herat Deputy Governor MaulaviSher Ahmad assured Herat of security and eradication of other problems faced by them.

He said the local administration strived to attract investment, eradicate corruption, remove problems faced by businessmen.

“We are trying to promote industry, we will bring down taxes and distribute land among industrialists who need it,” he said.

City is considered one of the industrial cities of the country where over 300 factories had been functioning but at the moment less than 80 factories are functioning.


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