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PublishDate: Saturday, October 23, 2021 13:56

Durand Line closure triggers strike in Chaman

The continued closure of Durand Line has triggered a complete shutdown in Pakistan’s border town of Chaman.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The crossing has been shut by the Taliban government which is seeking -free entry into Pakistan via the for Afghan citizens.

As the Pakistani government rejected the demand on, the crossing was closed down two weeks ago as a mark of ‘protest’.

’s_strike was called by the Traders’ Alliance, which also warned of blocking the -Chaman National Highway at Khojak Pass from Monday.

Shops, markets and businesses remained closed in the town as a result of the strike, which came after several rounds of talks between Afghan officials and Pakistani authorities failed.

Led by Kandahar Governor Mullah Yousaf Wafa, a delegation held talks with Pakistani officials at but Afghan authorities refused to open the border until the Afghan nationals were allowed to cross into Pakistan on (CNIC).

Lala Jan Achakzai, a prominent member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the Durand Line closure over the last 17 days had caused the business community huge financial losses.

Trade between the neighbours had been brought to a standstill and prices of goods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, soared considerably, he added.

Additionally, thousands of Pakistani and Afghan nationals, including patients, have also been left stranded at Chaman.


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