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PublishDate: Saturday, October 23, 2021 13:49

Biden’s handling of troop pullout being probed

Several American agencies are looking into the Biden administration’s chaotic handling of troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, reports a major US daily.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_ “A number of US agencies have begun internal reviews of the Biden administration’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, particularly the final departure of military and diplomatic personnel.”The Wall Street Journal said.

The closure of the US Embassy in Kabul and the emergency evacuation of diplomats and eligible Afghan from the country are also being investigated, the newspaper added.

The reviews are being conducted separately by the offices of inspectors general at the departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Health and and State, as well as at the for International Development.

Privy to internal discussions, officials said the probes were aimed to determine whether the administration adequately planned for and executed the withdrawal and subsequent and relocation of .


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