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PublishDate: Saturday, October 23, 2021 10:56

We are holding Taliban accountable on counterterrorism: NATO

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_ chief Gens said that NATO allies and partners are trying to hold the Taliban accountable for all the pledges they made on terrorism, not allowing their soil to be used against others, , and providing safe passage for those who are willing to leave Afghanistan.

The NATO chief who was talking to a media conference after concluding their defense ministers’ level meeting said that the decision of from Afghanistan was but the tragedy of the Afghan people afterward is -breaking.

 “We are working to get people out of Afghanistan and resettle those who have left Afghanistan. We have had development in resettling those people in the past weeks.” Said Stoltenberg.

The statements come as there are still nearly 20,000 people waiting to be evacuated from Afghanistan but the mission has stalled and there are reports about its resumption in near future.


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