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PublishDate: Thursday, October 21, 2021 09:35

Lavrov Calls for Inclusive Afghan Govt

The Russian Federation’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov called for the formation of an inclusive government that “truly reflect the interests of all ethnic and political forces” in Afghanistan.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_ hosted a -level_meeting on Afghanistan on Wednesday in which the representatives of over ten countries participated. However, the US envoy was not present at the conference.  

“The task of reaching a in Afghanistan is still relevant. We see the key to its solution in forming a truly, genuinely inclusive government that will truly reflect the interests of all ethnic and political forces in the country,” said, Lavrov, while talking at the conference.  

The second deputy for the prime minister, Abdul Salam Hanafi, called on the international community to recognize the current government of Afghanistan.

He said it has been proven that pressure is not a viable option to get results. Hanafi once again called for the release of Afghanistan’s assets.   

Lavrov called on the world to engage with the incumbent government in Afghanistan, especially as the country is currently grappling with a severe humanitarian crisis.  

“The lack of official recognition in the international arena, problems in its social, economic and financial affairs, humanitarian challenges that the new authorities are facing in , show that the current situation in the country cannot be called stable yet,” he added.  

said that the current government of Afghanistan was inclusive, as over 500,000 employees of the former government are still working in the government.  

“We don’t need military support, but we need support for and peace in Afghanistan,” he said.  

said that the recognition of the Taliban would not be discussed.

“This visit is currently very important for Afghanistan because it is a chance for the recognition of the new government,” said, Moeen Samkani, head of the Truth and .  

Moscow said that Russia, China, and pledged to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, without considering the recognition of the current government. 


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