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PublishDate: Wednesday, October 20, 2021 15:39

Afghans Complain of High Priced, Low Quality Internet

A number of Afghans complained about poor telecommunications, saying that despite expensive charges, the network companies do not provide valuable services to the customers.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Since the Islamic Emirate came into power, the telecommunication companies have seen a significant reduction in their expenses, but the cost for the internet and other communication services has not dropped so far.  

According to customers, the cost of the internet service is ten times more expensive than in regional countries.

“The internet is not working properly. They take people’s money like but the speed of the internet is very slow,” said Hussain, a resident of Kabul.

They claim that the cost of each minute is less than one Afs in Pakistan, and a similar amount per minute in Iran, but the cost of every minute in Afghanistan is around two Afs.

“When we add 50 Afs on the phone and make a few calls, the money is already finished,” said Faisal, another resident of Kabul. “The government should monitor it.”

The acting minister of communication and information technology in a meeting with officials of the telecommunication companies said that the companies should reduce the costs of internet and other services.

He called on the companies to accelerate their efforts to develop the and other in the country.  

There are five telecommunication companies active in Afghanistan. The number of the customers is around 22 million, of whom 10 million are using internet services. 


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