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PublishDate: Wednesday, October 20, 2021 14:14

US again denies unfreezing assets of Afghanistan

United States is still holding its previous stance on the Taliban and said that they will not release nearly ten billion dollars of Afghanistan now frozen in US banks.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_US’s deputy minister of Finance on Tuesday, October 19 said that it is important to keep pressure on the Taliban but added that the people of Afghanistan should not be harmed.

Wally Adeyemo said that new means must be sought in order to provide Afghan people with humanitarian aid.

“We will not let the Taliban access the money in an ongoing situation. We will continue to assert our restrictions on network and the Taliban but will continue to Afghan people.” Said Adeyemo to senators.

He said that the US is committed to providing Afghans with humanitarian aids but reiterated that the Taliban must facilitate the distribution process.

The Taliban have used a number of diplomatic channels to release the but none has succeeded yet.

Taliban have demanded the US to release the money and do not violate as the money belongs to the people of Afghanistan not to any government.

International Monetary Fund in its latest regional economic report said that the freeze of Afghanistan’s assets along with the stoppage of will lead to a 30% shrink in the of the country which will cause a humanitarian crisis.


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