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PublishDate: Sunday, October 17, 2021 09:34

MoI Gives Aid to War Orphans

The Ministry of Interior on Saturday announced the orphans of the Afghan war would receive aid.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The Interior Ministry’s spokesman, Sayed Khosti, said that the Islamic Emirate is planning a tremendous program to provide support to the orphans.  

“The Islamic Emirate has an organized plan to take responsibility for the education and support of all ; orphans of the security forces, orphans of the , or orphans of the Taliban,” he said.  

The family members of victims of the past two decades of war said that they have been exhausted by the war, and called for peace and stability.  

Mahnaz is a daughter of an Islamic Emirate member who was killed in a drone strike of the .  

Mahnaz’s uncle, , said “her father was named and he was a member of the Islamic Emirate who was martyred in a US drone strike.”   

Shiman is the daughter of a former police commander. “All I know is that my father is a martyr,” she said.  

A nephew of a security force member of the former government, Sharifullah, said: “War is enough, we are exhausted from the long war. There has been war for 40 to 45 years.”

This comes as the Islamic Emirate distributed 2,000 Afs to the families of victims of the former security forces and Islamic Emirate in the southeastern province of Logar. 


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