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PublishDate: Saturday, October 16, 2021 09:53

Kam Air, Ariana, PIA to resume flights from Kabul to Pakistan

Afghanistan’s ministry of transport and civil aviation said that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Afghanistan’s Kam Air and Ariana Airlines to resume their normal fights from Kabul to Islamabad.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The decision was made after the acting minister of transport and civil aviation met with Pakistan’s ambassador to Kabul and authorities of the three Airlines.

The was conducted on Friday, October 15 in Kabul.

It comes after PIA suspended its from Kabul following a warning by Afghanistan’s Civil Aviation Administration. The statement had warned of the ban on PIA and Kam Air if they do not reduce fares.

The ministry, ambassador, and Airlines unanimously agreed to be reducing the prices of tickets, and a trilateral technical team will be established by the Airlines to do so.

Recently, was charging $2,500 for each ticket the price of which was once $150 from Kabul to Islamabad.

has closed all its land crossing points with Afghanistan that has put tens of thousands of people in trouble.

The closure of crossing points has also rotten tens of tonnes of pomegranate and the have inflicted heavy financial loss.


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