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PublishDate: Saturday, October 16, 2021 09:49

UN asks for gender equality for long-term development, lasting peace in Afghanistan

Deputy Representative for UN Women in Afghanistan Alison Davidian in her recent article said that gender equality is crucial for future development, lasting peace, and for creating a vibrant economy in Afghanistan.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_ has criticized the Taliban’s all-men caretaker cabinet, the abolishment of the ministry of women, and not allowing to work and get out of homes without a male parent in some provinces.

She has promised that the will remain committed to not only advocating the rights of women and they are talked about but also they have to be heard directly.

The deputy representative has also expressed concern about one percent of the overseas development assistance given to Afghan women. She said that the women’s civil societies and organizations must be supported and be given a big share from international assistance.

 “Violence against women by their intimate partners increased around the world including Afghanistan after -19. UN Women will work with partners to ensure the services are given to Afghan women to prevent violence.” Reads the article.

Davidian has also expressed concern about the looming in Afghanistan and half of the is in need of assistance and two-thirds of the people do not know where their next meal comes from.

She has suggested that the only way to overcome the ongoing situation in Afghanistan is through the full participation of women in all spheres of society.

The statements come as women are still not going to works except for teachers and doctors and girls are also not allowed to attend secondary, high schools, and universities.


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