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PublishDate: Wednesday, October 13, 2021 11:12

Islamic Emirate to Bolton: Afghanistan Not Threat to World

The Ministry of Interior (MoI), in response to John Bolton’s remarks on Afghanistan, said on Tuesday that Afghanistan’s territory will never be used for attacks against any country in the world.

Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)_, the US former national security advisor to President , in a statement published in The Hill, said the consequences of the are far from over and global terrorism will continue to "command our attention."

The Ministry of Interior of the Islamic Emirate announced that Afghanistan would not be a threat to the international community, adding that such concerns are not realistic.

“Afghanistan’s territory will not be use against anyone, and it is not a threat for any country. The Islamic Emirate is committed to its promises and some other countries should not interfere in ’s_affairs," said Saayed Khosti, MoI spokesperson.  

John Bolton also said that President Biden will have to explain why the US is once again vulnerable to terrorism. He said: “We may have left Afghanistan, but it has not left us. And neither have the terrorists.”

John Bolton further said that President Biden will not be able to take victory in the coming ’_elections for ending one of the endless wars.

Bolton pointed out that the three last US presidents in both parties (, Trump and Biden ) failed to make the case for remaining in Afghanistan.

“They (US) were following long-term purposes in the region and wished to stay in Afghanistan but the country realized that it is going to lose the war because its enemies like the Taliban fought against them ( US soldiers ) and their ally inside Afghanistan ( Afghanistan’s government ) was drowned in corruption," said , former MP.

The US and allies came to Afghanistan for -insurgency in 2001 and the US troops left Afghanistan on August 15th.


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