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PublishDate: Tuesday, October 12, 2021 10:48

US has no other option but to support Taliban regime: Imran Khan

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the US must engage with the Taliban to avert crisis and added that the country has no option but to support the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)_Imran Khan said that the failure of the state in Afghanistan will result in a humanitarian crisis in the country.

The Pakistani Premier made these statements in his interview with Middle East Eye on Monday, October 11.

said that unless the Americans take the lead, Pakistan will be worried that there will be chaos in Afghanistan and Pakistan will be affected the most.

“The world must engage with Afghanistan because if it pushes it away, within the Taliban movement there are hardliners, and it could easily go back to the Taliban of 2000 and that would be a disaster.” Said Khan.

Khan also commented on potential sanctions on the Taliban saying that three-quarters of the Afghan depended on foreign aid which means the imposition would result in a humanitarian crisis.

He also warned of a civil war in Afghanistan in case abandoned.

In the meantime, Imran Khan said that the current government set up in Afghanistan is transitional, not inclusive.

He added that Afghan is a diverse society that needs an inclusive government and said that he has talked with other neighbors of Afghanistan to encourage the Taliban to widen representation.

Pakistan has been the biggest lobbyist for the recognition of the Taliban since they took power.


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