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PublishDate: Monday, October 11, 2021 13:33

‘Sense of desperation’: Reporter says Afghanistan in ‘free-fall’ after Taliban takeover

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_It’s been months since the Taliban took control of , when it removed the US backed government from in rapid fashion after withdrew it’s military presence.

Since then reports of public hangings, poverty and desperation have surfaced.

Post Reporter Sudarsan Ragharan who is based in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul said life under the Taliban has been hard for many locals, and the economy is struggling.

“In Kabul, there’s definitely a sense of desperation from many Afghans,” he told Mark on 6PR Mornings.

“The economy is practically in -fall, there’s a lot of visible poverty around … there a lot of people that are also fearful of the Taliban, they’re hiding in houses, especially people like artists and musicians”.


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