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PublishDate: Monday, October 11, 2021 09:59

Intl Recognition Being Discussed by Islamic Emirate, US: Mujahid

The deputy minister of information and culture said that the officials of the Islamic Emirate and the US have been discussing the recognition of Afghanistan's government by the international community at the meeting in Doha.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_On Friday a high-level delegation of the left Kabul for to attend a two-day meeting with US officials. “There are several issues needed to be shared with the Americans: First, the implementation of the Doha agreement which is important for both--for us and for the US. Second, the issue of Afghanistan's assets that have been frozen in banks by the US, and third is the recognition of Afghanistan by the international community, the US and UN," said the deputy minister of information and culture Zabiullah .

The two sides have so far exchanged views on a new chapter of cooperation between Washington and Kabul, the implementation of the Doha agreement, the release of Afghanistan’s assets, respect for Afghanistan air space, continuation of humanitarian aid, and the observation of human rights.  

A spokesman for the foreign ministry, Abdul Qahar Balkhi said, “we want positive relations, we engagement, people to people engagement, diplomatic, economic, to tackle common challenges that are not only affecting us but they are also affecting the United State and the wider international community.

“This meeting in fact is the follow up of previous meetings between US government and Taliban with the difference that this time the Taliban has obtained authority themselves,” said Shukria , Afghanistan’s former ambassador to Norway.

However, Aziz Rafiye, head of the Afghanistan Civil Society Forum, gave a different view regarding the meeting, saying that the Doha talks “will determine whether the Taliban has the ability to put down their guns and pick up the pen for good governance, or, do they have the mindset of inclusivity and acceptance, or not?”  

The delegation of the Islamic Emirate met with the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of , Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, where they discussed relations and economic projects.  

The Islamic Emirate’s officials are due to meet a delegation from the European Union in Doha.


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