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PublishDate: Sunday, October 10, 2021 15:35

Hundreds of doctors ask for their 14-month unpaid salaries in Kabul

Hundreds of male and female doctors from Samangan and Nuristan provinces gathered at the gate of UNAMA in Kabul and asked the World Bank to pay their salaries for the past 14 months.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The protestors said that not only their have been paid but the clinics in their respective provinces are confronting a dire shortage of medicine.

accused an Afghan contractor of - Asad Fayaz- who has fled Afghanistan and has taken money from World Bank but have not been paid to them.

They said that had a two-year health contract in the provinces and was providing health services, , and salaries of doctors.

“Asad Fayaz has fled Afghanistan and stole our money. He was leading a corrupt firm and that caused an increase in the mortality of children and mothers in Samangan and provinces.” Said a protestor.

The doctors in a statement said that since the of Afghanistan has no relations with the World Bank and cannot ask for money, asked the bank to directly pay their money through Afghanistan’s health ministry or other .

In the meantime, the doctors warned of continuation of protests in case their salaries are not paid.


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