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PublishDate: Sunday, October 3, 2021 16:01

70% of Afghan media outlets stopped working since Taliban takeover

National Association of Journalists in Kabul said that due to financial problems, 70 percent of media outlets stopped working in Afghanistan since the Taliban took over the country.

Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)_The national association of journalists in a press conference in Kabul on Sunday, October 03 said that they found the statistics after conducting an online survey in 28 provinces of Afghanistan.

They said that 1,500 Afghan journalists had taken part in the survey.

As per the of the organization, 67% of the have lost their jobs and 33% of them are busy working under acute pressure and in tough situations.

The Head of the national association of journalists said said that most of the Afghan media that are active are confronting dire economic and financial situations.

“40% of the Afghan journalists are worried about their safety in Afghanistan and rest of them living a difficult life as they have lost their jobs.” Said Lutfi.


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