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PublishDate: Sunday, October 3, 2021 11:25

Taliban begins relocating thousands of IDPs from Kabul

Officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan say that they have begun the relocation process of thousands of Internally Displaced People from Kabul to their respective provinces on Saturday, October 2.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Over two thousand families were displaced mainly from the Northern provinces of Afghanistan after conflicts intensified between the Taliban and the security forces of the previous Afghan government.

They were settled in the parks of Kabul along with their children for more than two months.

Head of refugees and returnees of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Abdul Matin said that 1,005 displaces families from -e-Naw Park in Kabul have been relocated in collaboration with different aid agencies.

Previously, the UNHCR had warned humanitarian crisis if not addressed the problems of IDPs as winter is approaching.

On the other hand, the also distributed humanitarian aid to the people in Kabul.

According to the statistics of UNHCR, around 300,000 people have been forced to displace due to heavy conflicts in 2020.


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