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PublishDate: Saturday, October 2, 2021 13:09

Taliban mediating talks between Pakistan and TTP: Imran Khan

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the Afghan Taliban is mediating peace negotiations between them and Tahrik-e-Taliban Pakistan.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_ in his recent interview with confirmed that some groups in the Pakistani Taliban are willing to talks with and added that the Pakistani government is ready to recon ciliate with the groups.

The Pakistani Premier has said since the talks between them and TTP are taking place in Afghanistan, thus the Afghan Taliban is mediating.

On the other hand, a TTP leader in Gul Bahadar has said that they are willing to a ceasefire for three weeks.

In the interview, Imran Khan said that he is willing to release the detained leaders of in case they agree on a ceasefire.

Imran Khan has emphasized on negotiations and has said that he was the anti-military solution and believed political dialogue was the way ahead.

The Pakistani Taliban has increased their attacks on the Pakistani security forces and the who are working on the CPEC project.


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