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PublishDate: Thursday, September 30, 2021 09:53

IDPs appeal for urgent help ahead of winter

As many as five million people in Afghanistan who have been displaced due to the recent conflict are in desperate need of emergency aid ahead of winter.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Thousands of internally displaced people (IDPs) are living in very poor conditions in Kabul camps, where they have no access to medical services nor regular food supplies.

Sahar Arsalan, an IDP stated: “Refugees from all provinces are living inside tents in hardship; so far, they have not received any assistance from the or any organizations.”

The IDPs have also called on aid agencies to provide them with shelter in Kabul or help them to return home.

Another IDP said: “Many have no home in their provinces and they need aid and help to get back to their province to help them pay rent for houses.”

Meanwhile, Amnesty International stated that over 5 million internally are in dire need of support amidst the escalating crisis in Afghanistan.

“The international community must ensure continues unabated to Afghanistan, the organization tweeted.

The Ministry of `Refugees, however, stated that the number of IDPs is lower than what Amnesty International has reported.

The Ministry said around one million Afghans have been displaced, adding that aid would be provided to all displaced people.

, the acting deputy minister of refugees stated: “Consultations have been made with as many as 30 organizations, issues of transportation have been considered for them (IDPs), for where they must go [to live], food and cash and we have also discussed the issue of those who don’t have shelter and whose houses have been destroyed.”


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