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PublishDate: Thursday, September 30, 2021 09:41

First shipment of aid arrives from China

China has sent its first shipment of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan since the fall of the previous government.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_, China’s ambassador to Kabul, said in a tweet on Wednesday that the aid included blankets and .

“The assistance shows deep love and friendship of to Afghan people and reflects China’s role as a major country that keeps its promises and is kind to its neighbors, which is a great move to build a community with a shared future for mankind,” Wang tweeted.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s (IEA) Ministry of Refugees also announced in a press release that aid from China included 4,000 blankets and 3,780 jackets.

The ministry has indicated that the aid will be distributed to displaced people.

The Ministry of Refugees of the IEA has said that China has assured Afghanistan of the continuation of its humanitarian aid and said that the country is ready to cooperate to improve the living conditions of the Afghan people.

This comes after as many as five million people in Afghanistan who have been displaced due to the recent conflict are in desperate need of emergency aid ahead of winter.

Thousands of internally displaced people (IDPs) are living in very poor conditions in , where they have no access to medical services nor regular food supplies.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International stated that over 5 million internally displaced Afghans are in dire need of support amidst the in Afghanistan.

The Ministry of , however, stated that the number of is lower than what Amnesty International has reported.

The Ministry said around one million Afghans have been displaced, adding that aid would be provided to all displaced people.


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