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PublishDate: Sunday, September 26, 2021 13:24

US condemns amputation, execution by Taliban

The United States strongly reacted to the recent statement of the Taliban over implementing the laws of their previous regime which includes amputation and execution of criminals.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Spokesperson of the department of state said the laws are a clear violation of human rights and they are working along with the international community to ensure human rights in Afghanistan.

The spokesperson said that the US is standing beside Afghan , civil activists, women, children, human rights advocates, and the disabled ones and asked the Taliban to ensure their rights.

“We are not only observing the statement of the Taliban but also their actions in Afghanistan.” Said Price.

The reaction comes after Torabi-head of the prisons of Afghanistan- in an interview with AP said that they will implement the laws of the late 90s that include amputation and execution.

had added that they are not complaining about the ways of punishment of the world and they should also not complain about theirs because the law of the Taliban has derived from the .

In a recent move, the Taliban hang four dead bodies of kidnappers after they were killed in an armed confrontation in western Herat province.

Taliban did it in order to be lesson for others.


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