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PublishDate: Thursday, September 23, 2021 09:33

Bakhtarian Treasure is safe and preserved in Kabul: Taliban

Officials of the ministry of information and culture said that the Bakhtarian Treasure is kept in Kabul and assured of its full safety and security.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The officials denied the Treasure being out of Afghanistan and added that the asset is kept under the surveillance of the Taliban in the Afghan capital.

is the biggest and most expensive treasure of the world and is ’s_biggest_asset which was rumored to be trafficked after the Taliban took over the country on August, 15.

The Taliban though do not disclose the exact location of the treasure, assured that it is kept safe and will be kept so.

Bakhtarian treasure is thousands of years old and was taken from the of Afghanistan to the central bank by then Afghan president in the early 90s.

It has been displayed in a number of European and American countries and has been one of the biggest sources of income to Afghanistan.


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