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PublishDate: Tuesday, September 21, 2021 15:20

Islamic Emirate official assures donors aid will be delivered transparently

International aid to Afghanistan will be delivered transparently and will not end up in private pockets, an Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) official said on Sunday.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_In an interview with China’s Global Television Network () the deputy head of the Islamic Emirate’s Cultural Commission, Ahmadullah , said the Afghan government will coordinate the distribution of aid and will ensure it reaches the people who need it most.

He said a number of ministries and directorates would be involved in overseeing the process and that “the government has discussed this issue after the aid was promised and the government is pondering over how such aid will be received and distributed.”

This comes amid warnings by the foreign community, including the -General Antonio Guterres, of a looming humanitarian crisis and a complete economic collapse unless urgent aid and funding support is given to Afghanistan.

Wasiq also said it was important that Afghans receive aid regardless of the channels of distribution.

“Such aid will work towards rebuilding the country and bringing prosperity in the lives of our people; therefore, it is not important whether this aid will be received by the government or it will be distributed through or UN agencies.

“The good news, however, is that this aid will not be going to private pockets as was the case in the previous regime.

“If the aid is delivered to the government or if the aid will be delivered through NGOs, the government in both cases will be closely coordinating the process,” said Wasiq.

He said the aid distribution will reach those areas that need help most.

“We assure both our people and the world that the aid will reach where they are supposed to reach and will not reach private pockets. We appreciate the efforts of all sides who want to help the people of Afghanistan and who want to bring a positive change in the current situation, and we support them,” said Wasiq.

“We also expect the helping countries to convince other nations of the world as well, because the Islamic Emirate has assured the rest of the world that Afghanistan will be an independent country and this country will not be used against any other country in the world,” he said.


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