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PublishDate: Monday, September 20, 2021 13:12

Afghan Unemployment Will Be 'Human Tragedy'

Government employees have been forced to begin new occupations as their salaries have not been paid for months.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Many former professionals are now driving their cars as taxis and selling goods in the streets.

They warned that their problems must be solved, otherwise, a is going to occur in the country.

Akramuddin, who has not a received salary for the last seven months, worked in a military organization for eighteen years.

He told TOLOnews: “They did not pay my salary. I am living in a rental house, paying 5000 Afs and 2,000 for electricity. I do not have 10 Afs income these days.”

Mohammad , a teacher, said that he is the only breadwinner for a nine-member family. “I was spending 10,000 Afs before, but now there is no salary and the prices are very high.”

Some other employees are currently working in the streets where people are selling their wares. They refused to talk to the media.

Kabul residents, meanwhile, expressed their concerns about the condition, calling it as a tragic and .

Ghulam Nabi said: “People have a lot of problems. We ask the current government to pay attention. These people who work on the streets are those without daily food.”

Previously, the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission said that around 43.000 civil servants have been working in the government.


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