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PublishDate: Sunday, September 19, 2021 11:15

Fuel Prices in Kabul Rise in Past Week

Despite the lack of work opportunity, fuel prices have climbed in Kabul, with residents urging officials to control the market.

Afghan Voice agency (AVA)_According to residents, rose by 15 Afs per kilo and oil prices increased 4 Afs per liter during the last week.

Currently the price of each kilo of gas is 75 Afs in the Kabul market.

Abdul Qayoum, a Kabul resident, told TOLOnews: “A person who has daily earnings, working on the street, how can buy one kilo of gas? There is no working opportunities. The prices are rising.”

Shopkeepers in Kabul said the companies that are importing fuel have increased the prices. One seller, , said: “We buy each kilo at 65 afghanis, so we are selling at 75.”

Meanwhile, motorists have also complained about the increase in the price of oil. Abdul Hadi, a Kabul taxi driver, said: “We buy 5 liters of oil at 320 Afs, sometimes at 330 Afs, this is not a good price. The economic situation is not good now.”

Overcharging is a permanent problem for residents in Kabul but the residents ask the government to prevent extortion by companies and importers of .


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