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PublishDate: Saturday, September 18, 2021 15:24

Paper Mill Production Booms as Imports Stopped

Officials at a paper mill in Paktia province said they have increased their production amid the decrease of paper imports to the country.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_The mill, , recently started its operation in province, but following the collapse of the former government and the disruption in imports and exports, it has increased its production.

According to its officials, each day they produce up to 8,000 packs of paper and export them to various provinces, adding that they have doubled their employees.

“Currently 30 employees work here. If these conditions continue and our productions increase, we can recruit more employees,” said , head of the production section of the mill.

A number of workers at the mill urged businessmen to create job opportunities by creating more such mills and factories. “We urge the businessmen to establish such factories so the youth can have employment opportunities,” said Ismail, a worker.

“Our working time is 12 hours, but we work 15 hours. We work three hours overtime to be paid more,” said , another worker at the mill.

Due to the recent political transformation, both exports and imports have decreased.

This, however, has enabled local factories to increase their production to meet the demands in the local markets.


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