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PublishDate: Sunday, September 12, 2021 11:33

Afghan refugees in Iran eager to return home

Many Afghan refugees who had fled to Iran are eager to return home to start a new life following the withdrawal of foreign troops in Afghanistan.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_, 28, comes from Province in Afghanistan. One month ago, he spent 10 days walking to the Iranian border city Zahedan to avoid the conflict in his hometown.

During his stay in Iran, the situation in Afghanistan changed rapidly.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan retook control of the country, including the country’s capital city Kabul, and the last batch of U.S. troops left Afghanistan on August 31, ending America’s 20-year-long military presence in the country.

On Tuesday, the Islamic Emirate announced the formation of Afghanistan’s interim government and called on Afghan refugees to return home to build the country.

After hearing this, Najibollah decided to set out on his homecoming journey immediately.

“With the situation in Afghanistan now getting better, we all want to return to our own country. I want to tell all my compatriots that the situation there has improved, and we must return to our hometown and rebuild our homeland,” said Najibollah.

At the immigration center of Zahedan, many like Najibollah were waiting for transportation to go back home.

“The Americans haven’t treated Afghan people well. There have been too many explosions and disasters when the U.S. troops remained in Afghanistan,” said another Afghan refugee, Nesar Ahmad Jafari.

“I hope Afghanistan can have a chance to develop and prosper and that all parties in Afghanistan could reach a consensus for peace. I also would like to see the end of conflict. The war is dark. No matter where it happens, it’s bad,” said another Afghan refugee Mohammad.

According to official data, Iran has so far hosted more than three million , making it one of the largest recipient countries of Afghan refugees, Reuters reported.


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