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PublishDate: Tuesday, September 7, 2021 14:51

Ghazni: 322,000afs extra claimed in 28 computers’ purchase

Each of 28 computers for the Education Department of southern Ghazni province has been purchased at 12,000 afghanis higher rate than their original price.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Documents obtained by Pajhwok show that some goods were purchased for the of Ghazni province on August 4, 2020.

These items include 28 desktop computers, 20 UPSs, some pens, permanent markers, white papers, printer ink and some others.

Pajhwok News reviewed the purchased items and their prices in the market with support of some evident documents.

The Ghazni education department purchased a single desktop computer with four gigabytes of RAM and 500 gigabytes of hard drive for 39,500 afghanis while the same product in the market is sold for 28,000 Afghanis.

A single UPS is purchased for 9,000 Afghanis while the original price in the market for the product is 5,500 Afghanis. The documents show that printer ink for a single printer is purchased for 730afs compared to 600afs of the market price.

The findings show that besides the mentioned items, some other goods for Ghazni education department have also been purchased on higher rates.

Pajhwok s interviewed the owner of the market in Ghazni city where these items had been purchased.

The market owner, who said not to be named, said he sold the products a year ago to the education department.

“Yes, I sold these items to them, I wrote the real prices in the bills, but they changed them and made new bills with their desired prices,” he said.

He said he had no information how much changes were made to his bills.

Pajhwok obtained the real bills from the seller and forged ones from the education department.

Pajhwok tried to talk with former education officials of Ghazni, but none of them was prepared to talk despite several attempts.

Taliban should punish corrupt figures: Ghazni residents

Lal Mohammad, a resident of Ghazn city, the provincial capital, said that besides the education department, corruption was common in many other government administrations in the province.

“I am sure the Taliban would stop such corruption cases, but it would be even better if the Taliban punish officials involved in in the former government, “he said.

He said that some of those committing huge corruption and stealing millions of Afghanis currently lived in peace in foreign countries.

Samiullah, another resident of Ghazni city, said that Taliban should search all government departments and find documents about corruption.

“Taliban should take urgent action against corrupt officials because some officials of the former government are still in these offices; if no urgent action is taken, these officials may destroy documents against them,” he said.

A number of other residents of Ghazni held similar views and asked the Taliban to take legal action against corrupt people.

Mualvi Abo , urban education director in Ghazni, told Pajhwok that administrative corruption had reached its peak in the education department in the former government.

He said that all those who involved in corruption would be brought to justice.

“We will bring all those involved in corruption to , no one will be ignored, all will be treated based on the law,” he said.

“Current workers of the education department are warned that they will face serious punishment if they engaged in any corruption”, he said.

Pajhwok in the past has also obtained documents that showed a simple chair for Ghazni education department was purchased for 6,400 Afghanis compared to its normal market rate of 2,500 Afghanis.


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