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PublishDate: Monday, September 6, 2021 10:38

Taliban pledges to form inclusive and accountable govt

The Taliban on Sunday vowed to form an “inclusive and accountable” government in Afghanistan.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Taliban Deputy Leader Mullah Abdul said that the government would be formed soon.

“We are working to form an inclusive government that represents all the people of Afghanistan, but security is essential to start big economic projects in Afghanistan,” Baradar stated.

He emphasized that the future government would be responsible “to all [people] that will ensure the security of economic development not only for Afghanistan but for the whole world.”

Meanwhile, the Taliban stated that city is being decorated and guests have been invited from provinces to participate in the announcement ceremony of the new government.

Anas , a key member of the Taliban, stated: “We have fought for the preservation of Afghanistan, loyalty to the country and to serve the people of Afghanistan. Our people are still trying to serve Islam. This continues.”

Haqqani noted that 20 years of conflict in Afghanistan has led to the breaking up of too many families and that it “should not be like this anymore.”


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