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PublishDate: Sunday, September 5, 2021 13:16

Banks opened in Kabul, lengthy queues have made withdrawal nearly impossible

Most of the private banks opened and operated as normal after Afghanistan’s central banks-De Afghanistan bank- directed to, but it is still rather challenging to withdraw money.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_ have not opened all the branches in Kabul and at the gates, those opened, lengthy queues of people have made it nearly impossible to withdraw money.

Many people go back to their homes after hours of waiting under the burning sun and not getting a chance to enter the bank.

People have even come from provinces and have driven tens of kilometers to get access to their accounts as they are facing dire problems due to dearth or/and absence of money.

“The cash I had is finished and now I have totally no money to buy even food ingredients and solve my daily problems. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan should open all the banks and ATM.” Said a banks customer in Kabul.

Automatic Teller Machines (), which are mostly used as an alternative for banks in Kabul are also out of work and most of them out of cash.

of Afghanistan has directed all the private banks to operate as normal but has limited the withdrawal to $200 per week.


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