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PublishDate: Tuesday, August 24, 2021 11:24

One killed, three wounded in Kabul airport shooting: Reports

German forces reported an exchange of fire with unidentified gunmen on the north side of Kabul airport on Monday, leaving one Afghan security force member dead and three others injured. .

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Clashes reportedly began between Afghan forces and unknown individuals and led to the intervention by German and American forces.CNN repoted.

Sources told Ariana News that Taliban officials at Kabul airport have entered into talks with US forces to resolve the challenges faced in the past week.

Reports indicate that a sniper reportedly opened fire on Afghan guards inside the facility, and the Afghan security forces responded with fire. However reports state that when the US forces opened fire, one Afghan soldier was killed and three others were wounded.

The Taliban has meanwhile appealed to the public not to gather outside the Hamid International Airport.

“Although people have problems, we ask them to please leave the place and let those who have documents travel. We advised the Mujahidin to treat the people well,” said Mawolavi Fateh, a Taliban commander at .

Meanwhile, the Civil Aviation Authority has also said that all civilian flights have been suspended until further notice. The authority has also asked the public not to go to the airport.

“We ask people to please stop the chaos. Only those who have a document or visa in hand can travel, there is no civilian flight at the moment,” said Sibghatullah Kakar, a Civil Aviation Authority employee.

Despite multiple calls from the Taliban and organizations for people without documents or visas to stay away from the airport, hundreds continue to flock there daily in the hope of getting on an evacuation flight.

“I have , I worked with , I also have documents, but I cannot travel due to overcrowding,” said Ali Jan, a resident of Parwan.

“There is no way of entering the airport, everyone coming here says they are going to America; these people don’t have documents,” said Assadullah, a resident of Kabul.

This comes after US President Joe Biden said late Sunday that has an unwavering commitment to getting American citizens and at-risk Afghans out of Afghanistan.

Biden said the security situation in Afghanistan was changing rapidly and his administration was concerned about the threat from Islamic State () in Afghanistan.

Haji Mohammad Idris has meanwhile been appointed as acting director of the Central Bank in a bid to resolve the issue of banks being closed, said Taliban spokesman .


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