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PublishDate: Sunday, August 15, 2021 16:36

British troops depart to Afghanistan as US staff evacuate

600 British troops were planned to be sent to Afghanistan in order to evacuate the country’s nationals based in Afghanistan and their Afghan colleagues.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_UK’s forces departed to Afghanistan,The associated press has found.

The move comes as the United States embassy based in Kabul has started evacuating personnel and the process is said to be completed in the upcoming 72 hours.

There are reportedly 3,000 and there 2,000 Afghan colleagues who are said to be vacated from the war-ravaged country.

As per the reports of Associated Press, a Royal Hercules aircraft has flown out of Kabul on Saturday carrying diplomats and civilians.

On Saturday, 1000 US troops arrived in Kabul and are said to be settled in Hamid International Airport.

Earlier, 3 thousand military and marine troops were directed to be deployed to Kabul who were then increased to 5 thousand by US president Joe .

Meanwhile, has also announced to be sending troops for the same purpose but the number of troops and date of deployment has not been disclosed.


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