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PublishDate: Sunday, August 15, 2021 12:59

Pakistan to extent councilor services in Afghanistan

As Kabul-based embassies of other international countries are closing their embassies and consulates around Afghanistan, Pakistan ambassador to Kabul announced that the issuance of visas will be extended to Afghans.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Mansoor Ahmad Khan on his Twitter post wrote that the visas will be extended not only for Pakistani nationals but also for Afghans and nationals of other countries in Afghanistan.

Earlier, Mansoor Ahmad Khan had denied the rumors about the closure of the embassy and consulates in Afghanistan and had added that the issuance of visas is functioning online due to the pandemic.

In the series of Tweets, Khan said that the embassy is coordinating with Pakistan International Airlines () and other Pakistani authorities to facilitate fights from .

Meanwhile, Pakistan has also said that the country is willing to facilitate temporary relocation for media outlets, international organizations,s and foreign missions into .

The call for extending councilor services comes at a time when the people in Afghanistan are desperate for getting out of Afghanistan.


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