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PublishDate: Wednesday, July 28, 2021 14:37

Local comedian lynched in Kandahar province

A local comedian-Khasha- was taken from his home to a desert, tied, and was then shot dead by the Taliban gunmen in Dand district of Kandahar province last week.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_A video clip showing him tied and surrounded by two seated in the auto before his death went viral on social media and prompted anger among Afghan people, officials, politicians, singers, and actors.

In the video clip, ’s_hands are tied back, and is apparently being taken to an unknown desert in the . Khasha as per his nature, cracks a joke addressing the video shooter and is then slapped on his face by the gunmen sitting next to him holding a gun.

People angrily reacted to the video clip and called it a slap on the face of all Afghan people.

First vice-president Amrullah said that the arbitrary killing of a comedian implies that the Taliban has no rule, no court, and no Sharia-Islamic teaching.

Second vice-president Sarwar has called it a slap on the face of the entire Afghan nation and added that the nation will take revenge.

The former head of Afghan spy agency (NDS) Rahmatullah Nabil has recalled Anas -key_member of the Taliban- detained by NDS. He said Haqani’s handcuffs were untied when his mother wanted to visit him but said that the Taliban brutally killed Khasha.

Many other politicians and singers expressed deep concern over the death of Khasha and called it a tragedy for the entire Afghan nation.



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