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PublishDate: Sunday, July 25, 2021 13:05

Pakistan, China announce joint action to ensure peace in Afghanistan

China and Pakistan on Saturday pledged to more closely cooperate as the situation in Afghanistan worsens and more districts have fallen to the Taliban.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_China’s Foreign minister and Pakistan’s Foreign minister Shash Mahmoud met at the third strategic meeting in Chengdu city of China.

The statement released from the Chinese foreign ministry states that both the ministers outlined a five-point plan for working in Afghanistan.

The five points include immediate prevention of expansion of war and a potential eruption of , a broad and inclusive political settlement and expediting peace talks, combatting terrorism resolutely, promotion of cooperation between Afghanistan and its neighbors, and finally exploration of a platform’s construction for cooperation between Afghanistan and its neighboring countries.

The joint press release of China and Pakistan also outlines their commitment to facilitating and supporting Afghan-led and Afghan-owned .

The press release condemns the recent incident in Pakistan in which thirteen people died including nine Chinese engineers.

The incident though was called an accident by Pakistani officials; the Chinese foreign ministry dubbed it an attack on its Chinese citizens in Pakistan. The Pakistani foreign minister is reportedly visiting China to smoothen China’s posture over the alleged suspension of in Pakistan after the incident.


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