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PublishDate: Saturday, July 24, 2021 15:45

Taliban militants ‘showing little regard for human life, human rights’: US govt

The US said on Friday that recent reports of violence and atrocities against Afghans indicate the Taliban is showing little regard for human life and human rights on the ground.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Addressing a press conference, the US State Department’s Deputy Spokesperson Jalina Porter said “while the Taliban have stated they will not harm former interpreters or others who worked for foreign forces, recent reports of violence and atrocities against interpreters and other Afghans indicate local Taliban forces are showing little regard for human life and human rights on the ground.”

She said the US vehemently condemns these targeted attacks, the destruction of , and other attacks against the people of Afghanistan.

“The Taliban must go beyond issuing statements denying territorial offensives and targeted attacks. If this is truly not Taliban policy, their leadership should condemn these atrocities and violations of basic rights. They must proactively prevent their forces from carrying out these actions on the ground,” she said.

According to her, the US continues to call for an immediate end to ongoing violence, “which is largely driven by the Taliban”.

“We call on the Taliban to engage in serious negotiations to determine a political roadmap for Afghanistan’s future that leads to a just and durable settlement. A negotiated settlement between the Islamic Republic and the is the only way to end 40 years of war, and bring Afghans the peace that they seek and deserve,” she said.

She also reiterated what the US and other countries have said in recent weeks that the world will not accept the imposition by force of a government in Afghanistan.

“Legitimacy and assistance for any Afghan government can only be possible if that government has a basic right – basic respect, excuse me, for .

“We continue to do all we can to galvanize and support the diplomatic process toward peace. Together, with the international community, we urge all parties to reach a negotiated political settlement and a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire,” she said.


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