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PublishDate: Tuesday, July 13, 2021 12:44

Turkey will be seen as ‘invaders’ if they stay to run Kabul airport: Taliban

In response to Turkey’s decision to help secure and run the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul after US and NATO troops leave the country, the Taliban said they consider the stay of any foreign forces, under any pretext, as occupation and that they will be considered “invaders”.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_In a statement issued Tuesday morning, the Taliban said all foreign troops are to withdraw from Afghanistan in accordance with the , which was signed in February last year between the US and the Taliban.

“The decision of Turkish leadership is ill-advised, a violation of our sovereignty and territorial integrity and against our national interests,” the Taliban stated adding that the group is opposed to Turkey’s decision.

The groups stated “we strongly urge Turkish officials to reverse their decision due to it being detrimental for both countries”.

“We consider stay of foreign forces in our homeland by any country under whatever pretext as occupation, and invaders will be dealt with on the basis of the fatwa of fifteen hundred distinguished scholars issued in the year 1422 Hijri Lunar (2001) – a fatwa under which the past twenty-year Jihad has been waged,” the statement read.

The Taliban also stated that unless Turkey overturns its decision, the group will “take a stand against them as they have stood against the two-decade occupation, in which case the responsibility for all consequences shall fall on shoulders of those who interfere in the affairs of others and make such -advised decisions.”

Discussions between the United States and Turkey on security cooperation in Afghanistan have been ongoing for the past few weeks but Turkey has offered to operate and guard the Kabul airport after the withdrawal of US forces.

On Monday, US State Department Spokesperson Price declined to provide details on how arrangements for the airport would work but said: “We certainly welcome Turkey’s constructive role when it comes to the withdrawal and the broader safety and security situation in Afghanistan.”


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