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PublishDate: Monday, July 12, 2021 10:25

New, Civilized Afghan Taliban May Prefer Peace Talks: Rashid

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that “new, civilized Afghan Taliban” will prefer the peace talks and that Islamabad will accept any government in Afghanistan that has the support of the Afghan people.

Aafghan Voice Agency (AVA)_“The dialogue with Taliban will be in the interest of all. We will in neighboring country Afghanistan,” he said as quoted by Dawn news.

He asked all Afghan leaders, politicians and the Taliban to pursue dialogue.

He said that his country wants peace in the region.

“If China wanted to invest 400 billion dollars in Iran, it will not be possible without peace in Afghanistan. The train we want to bring to is not possible without stability in Afghanistan. China, Russia, , Pakistan are in a changed region,” he said as quoted by Dawn.

The Pakistan official said that with the fencing of , Pakistan was in a better position than it had been in the past.

He said that the Torkham and Chaman pass were being managed well.

Rasbid stated that Pakistan would not allow anyone to use its land for in Afghanistan or the entire region.


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